Oh my, thanks!

Here's some of the lovely things people are saying about our cakes::

"Your cupcakes are beyond fashion. They're like really good, grown up cakes, made little in size but not in taste."  Matthew Evans

"just had the best cupcake of my life from Michelle and Jo at the farmers market' Steve Cumper

“Your gooseberry cupcake was quite the loveliest little mouth surprise I have had since childhood” 
Stephen Estcourt QC

“delicious and beautifully moist” Rita – Hobart Food for Thought

“I had one of your lemon cheesecake cupcakes and it was just the thing! Delicious, thank you.” 
Bec Adamczewski

“Holy cow, those cupcakes look amazing!” Anna

“The spiced chocolate with quince were fab ... yes, that's right, were, ... meaning I had more than one - om ah.” Dick and Dora 

"your cupcakes silenced our household - so enthralled were we with the vanilla and pear delights!  Thank you for making your magic! " Tess Dryza

"That raisin! Tasted like a sip of brandy on top of the spicy mouthful. Too sinful." Trudy

The hazelnut, crab apple and quinoa cupcake was absolutely fabulous. I loved the texture of the hazelnuts and quinoa and the flavour of the crab apple was amazing. Best yet! Trish