Wedding cake

Rose cake filled with rhubarb and strawberry compote. Lush.


This Friday and Saturday we'll be at the gorgeously sweet St James Church selling our cakes at the most excellent  Mothers Market.

We'll be using rhubarb, gooseberries, strawberries, roses, meyer lemons, vanilla beans, fair trade chocolate, free range eggs and sweet creamy butter to bake a selection of the sweetest treats.

See you there!


Tomorrow we have billowy soft rose flavoured butter cake filled with rhubarb :: Heavenly.

And little blueberry cheesecakes :: Sinful.


Delicious new treats for the market tomorrow ::

blackberry tartlets with a gluten free pastry

citronelle cakes filled with rhubarb

Blueberry streusel cake


New Spring Menu

Lemon filled with sticky blackberry cupcakes
NY Times salted chocolate chip biscuit
Lumberjake cake
Blueberry and apple huckle buckle
And as ever, vanilla vanilla.


smooth vanilla with sugared violets
and myer lemon curd tarts


sour cream cake filled with rhubarb poached in blood orange.
Vanilla bean with sugared violets. So sweet.


Frosty fruits. Summer's gooseberries to be cooked with vanilla beans into a jammy filling for lemon cupcakes.


serving suggestion


Poached quinces in vanilla bean syrup. The base of the filling for our quince and chocolate cupcake.


Dulce de leche, confiture du lait or arequipe. Call it what you will, it's ready and waiting to be added to our brownies for this weekend's market.

It's a long but pleasurable process cooking this milk caramel. Litres of milk, a small amount of sugar and vanilla beans are simmered for hours resulting in this mild milky caramel. Not as sweet or cloying as caramel made from sugar and cream, it's the natural sugars in the milk that give it a luscious feel. And the sweet jersey milk from Tasmanian cows of course!


Winter menu

Chocolate and hazelnut - made with hazelnuts from Nutpatch Kettering - gluten free.
Honeyed fig and walnut brownies
Lemon cream cheese with mandarin dust
spiced chocolate cake filled with gluhwein pears vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and a pear chip - Beurre bosc pears from Cradoc and gluhwein made with Josef Chromey Pinot Noir
The French lady's apple cake - made with Geeveston Fannys from Cygnet.


Scenes from the factory

My creation, originally uploaded by sweet sunday.


Autumn Menu

The French lady's apple cake *

Rich chocolate and hazelnut *

Spiced chocolate cake filled with cardamom with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

Salted caramel pear with oat crumble topping

Vanilla vanilla

Organic vegan chocolate truffles *

Honeyed fig chocolate brownies

* gluten free



Old fashioned chocolate with real chocolate frosting and three chocolate pearls.